The Italian espresso coffee
      Organic and Fairtrade

Organic and Fairtrade Certification,
A better coffee for a better world.

The “Organic farming” label
For the safeguard of the consumers, our organic coffee blends coming from “organic farming” are
certified by the national Authority, that guarantees their real quality and origin. In fact, the “Organic
farming” label certifies that the product is grown and treated without the use of chemical
substances, and is packed in compliance with the Italian and European organic protocol.
ICEA (Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute) is the Italian Cerfitication Institute that has
controlled and certified that our roasting company has scrupulously complied with the organic laws
in force. The number of the Cerfitication marks and identifies all the products of our organic coffee
line coming from organic farming.

Caffè Haiti Roma and the choice of fairtrade.
What we are proposing to you is not only a healthy coffee coming from organic farming, but also a
fairtrade coffee, a strong choice made by our Company that has few examples on the Italian and
European market. Fairtrade is a trade partnership based on clearness, dialogue and respect of the
rights of the disadvantaged farmers in the Southern part of the World, with the intent to establish a
fairer International trade and to contribute, also with the help of the consumers, to a really
sustainable development. Coffee has always played a key role in Fairtrade; espousing this cause
means to our roasting company going a step forward, in order to link more and more our being company to a feeling, in which the environmental needs of the planet and deeds and actions in
favour of a fairer trade go together, with the intent to contribute to change the rules and the
activities of the traditional trade.

“Fairtrade” certification
The independent Fairtrade Certification label guarantees that the products are certified in
accordance with the International Fairtrade standards.

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